Why You Have to Write a Company Review?

Company review is an essential part of the online hiring process. It equips job seekers with enlightening, helpful feedback about a given company. This article will explain to you all about writing a company review.

Why People are Likely to See Company Review?

why people are likely to see company review?
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As people are looking for a job, they must read the company reviews to get the inside scoop. In which, complete information about their future workplace. Information is crucial as people prepare for the interview. As a result, they can answer all the question correctly.

Reviews are also critical when the time to decide whether to accept the job or not. Consequently, a perfect decision will give a full job satisfaction

Read below for information on how people use company reviews, where to write company reviews, and tips to write company reviews.

How Important Company Review in Job Search?

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Company reviews is very useful at every step in job process. When people are in the early stages of your job search, looking at reviews can be a helpful way for them to decide what companies they might want to work for.

Eventually, it also variously helps them when applying for the job. We are shortlisting some of the things why people are likely to see company reviews :

1. Acquainting Decision Making

It helps people decide when they want to work at one company. Similarly, review also help people to shortlist the companies that they wish to pursue. Company reviews usually provide people with important information about what any vacant position or hiring process would be.

Moreover, it also helps people when deciding whether to take the job or not. The company reviews will make it accepting process easier.

2. a Refined Understanding of a Workplace

job descriptions often lack essential details. such as working hours, salary structures, working benefits, etc. company reviews help people get a realistic view of these factors. Eventually, most review websites provide a numeric rating to a company based on factors as mentioned above. This rating helps people to select potential employers, as well as applying for a job.

3. Creating a Cover Letter

company review is likely helpful when people want to make a cover letter. A company review is a reference to specific information when writing a cover letter. People intent to have a good cover letter when applying for a job. 

4. Preparing For an Interview

Every piece of information is necessary to assess before going on to the interview. People are determined to be fully ready to answer all employers’ questions. consequently, a useful review will deliver people to get every job they w :

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So, Where You Can Write Company Review?

We are shortlisting some websites for you to write your company reviews, here we go!

1. 9CV9

source: 9cv9.com

9cv9 offer a right platform to give an honest assessment of your former or current companies. Using a 5-star rating, you can rate various things. For instance, workplace conditions, management or bosses, peers or colleagues, career opportunities, benefits and perks, training and learning. Also, you can tell people about the stress level of working at these companies.


source: FAIRYGODBOSS.com

FAIRYGODBOSS is unique websites that focus and aggregate on woman opinion and workplace experiences. This website is the first websites that campaigning gender equality in the workplace. It also, encourage people to write a review about how companies treat the woman in those companies. The website also uplifts actual salaries, parental leave or maternity rights, and work-life-balance benefits to include in review by employers or reviewers.


source: glasdoor.com

Glassdoor is the most well-known website for you to write company reviews. This website is mostly known for its employers’ community who provides a genuine review on working in their companies. You can leave your companies here as it will give a significant impact to your companies.


source: indeed.com

Famously recognized for aggregating millions of jobs across the internet by scraping websites that list open positions. Indeed also provide job reviews where users rank their employers with according to a 5-star scale and list pros and cons. be one of the users and start to write your company reviews at indeed .


source : careerbliss.com

CareerBliss is a career community for you to write company reviews. They have a similar 5-star rating features for you to rate your companies. And the good thing is that they also allow for open-ended commentary for you to engage with a potential employee.


source: kununu.com

Kununu is a job review and listings site that empowers you to rate your employer on a 1-5 scale overall. This site also integrated with Monster, one of the first major online job boards. overall, the review features are relatively user friendlies for you to leave a review.


souce: RATETHEJOB.com

Ratethejob.com is a review that helps job seekers to learn about their future companies. With 5-star rating features, this website is much attractive and this website has considerably user friendlies for you to write company review. Try to check out!

How to Write a Company Review?

How to Write a Company Review?
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We know that most of the review websites have rules of what to write or not. The reason is rules are helping us to maintain objectivity and authoritativeness when writing a review. So, here are eight simple tips for writing a review:

Contribute Helpful Feedback

A lovely review provides enough detail to help others gain a better understanding of a company. You should explain every factor that tells a positive or negative experience. Additionally, you may include your personal opinion on acceptable company practices as well as bad practices. Review sites also offer measurement for you to measures those practices.

Talk About Various Aspects of Your Company !

Deliver your review credence by talking about your experience in depth. Tells all your experience of being an employee in those companies. It will give people a broad insight into your company.

Be Honest, Specific and Detailed

reviews should share experiences. Its effectiveness depends on your honesty, specificity and depth of your information. Please stick to the facts and provide your experience from your point of view. Significantly, that will allow the reader to experience your company through your knowledge.

Use Friendly Tone

Remember, your review should picture a good intention when writing a review. Review sites are public, and you should adequately express your opinion. Express your positive or negative thought in words that people accepted.

So, know you understand why, where and how to write a company review. Try to create one and give a significant impact on your companies!

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