9cv9 has partnered with Neuvoo

We are happy to share that 9cv9 Jobs and Career Platform has partnered with Neuvoo. Neuvoo is one of the fastest growing employment websites in the world, with a 5,556% growth in 5 years. Recently, it was ranked 14th in the Canadian Business Magazine 2019 Growth 500, which lists Canada’s fastest growing companies.

Recently, in September 2019, it received $53million investment round from CDPQ’S AI FUND.

And, we are so thrilled, humbled and honoured to be partnering them for greater growth and value to both our client base.

So what is Neuvoo?

Neuvoo was founded by Maxime Droux, Lucas Martinez, and Benjamin Philion in 2011 and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Using AI and Machine Learning, it effectively aggregates different algorithms into its site and it is arguably one of a few job search websites with the capabilities to map a complete and accurate inventory of jobs posted across the web. According to onlinemarketplaces.com, “At present, Neuvoo posts around 30 million jobs on its site and receives 70 million hits each month across the globe. It expects to reach over 100 million visitors by January 2020.”

With 9cv9 partnership, we are sure Neuvoo will get alot more jobs from the Southeast Asian job markets in the coming years.

The traffic to Neuvoo is huge and growing, amounting to more than fifteen million visits on average per month, according to SimilarWeb Analytics.

Looking at the latest traffic report for September 2020, Neuvoo’s average visit duration is around 2 and a half minutes, with an average-pages-per-visit metric of 2.74 and a bounce rate of around 41%.

Source: Similarweb. Retrieved Oct 2020

The top 3 countries where Neuvoo receives most of its traffic are from the United States, Australia, and Indonesia

Neuvoo complements with our two-pronged “ASEAN” and “Global” strategies. By posting at Neuvoo, you can reach out to job seekers from Indonesia, which at 2.14% of an average 15 million monthly traffic, that would be 321,000 monthly eyeballs for your jobs.

Not too shabby considering it’s Free to get that traffic by posting your jobs on Neuvoo, through our job posting system at 9cv9.

Source: Similarweb. Retrieved Oct 2020

How to get started on receiving high quantity of traffic from Neuvoo?

One way is to register for a Recruiter account directly at Neuvoo here and thereafter, to start posting jobs.

Or you can register at 9cv9 Job and Career Platform, whereby all your job postings are seamlessly posted on Neuvoo (along with other free job board postings as well such as Recruit.net).

Read this for our partnership news with Recruit.net.

This makes your hiring journey more efficiently as your one account on 9cv9.com enables you to post to multiple job boards for high quality traffic.

Plus, 9cv9 tracks all incoming traffic from Neuvoo when the latter send over potential jobseekers. The data is available from your “Dashboard” tab in your Employer Account.

All jobseekers’ movements along the hiring pipeline from their viewing of your job postings, to their hiring activities are tracked automatically in real-time using our technology.

Source: 9cv9 Employer Dashboard

Do try it today by posting a job at 9cv9 Jobs and Career Platform.

If you have any questions, feel free to email to [email protected] for our world-class customer support.


1. Is it free to get traffic from Neuvoo?

Yes. Neuvoo offers free and paid plans. All your job postings are by default posted on Neuvoo’s free job feed.

2. Can we pay to get more high quality traffic from Neuvoo?

Sure. We will be offering their paid plans soon, seamlessly from our portal. Watch this space for updates on it.

For more info. on this press release, please email to [email protected]

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