6 best tools for team building for a remote team in 2021

On remote team building and why it’s necessary

Working at an office with your coworkers and meeting them during your work hours means spending a lot of time with them.

You have the time and the support of the environment to build rapport with any of your colleagues.

This allows employees to get along with each other easier and better.

In short, communication and collaboration are easy to do seamlessly in real life.

But how about now?

With Covid-19 and lockdowns imposed on everyone, employees eventually have to work at home. This means that you and your work colleagues can only see each other virtually through digital platforms.

We’ve talked about the effect of the pandemic on a company before and how can you change the company culture during the pandemic. Companies have to adjust to the current situation.

And one of the ways is to utilize the tools that are available for remote team building.

While the examples we’ve given are not much before, there are actually many options of tools online that you can choose from for team building during work from home with your remote team.


Educational Technology Guy: QuizBreaker - A scheduled online quiz game that  helps teams get to know one another in a fun way.

Quizbreaker is virtual team-building software that uses quizzes to make team members closer.

This app is also device-friendly: it can be played on the browser on your desktop and your phone.

You can invite your team to play on Quizbreaker with an invite link and then you can start playing Quizbreaker immediately.

It also provides a 21-day trial, so that’s plenty of time to use it.

If you also want to use it for a long-term plan, it provides you with a monthly and annual plan.

Quizbreaker provides you with sets of personal questions that you can answer based on yourself and your preferences. After you’ve answered the questions, the real game begins.

Your team can guess whose answers are who’s in a round of multiple choices games.

It doesn’t matter if you got it correct or wrong, because with this you can create a bond by sharing your personal experiences in a fun game.

You can even converse in threads so you can build connections by talking about the related topic to the quizzes.

Whether you’re with close colleagues or with some new employees, you can get along and find out more about your team with Quizbreaker.

Ranging from 3 people or 1,000+ players, Quizbreaker is perfect for any company size and for anyone. This is a tool perfect for icebreakers among employees that’s quick and easy for your team building.


File:Slack Technologies Logo.svg - Wikipedia

Slack is a messaging app that can create a channel for your team easily.

While the main features are for messaging, it also has bots and other features that can help with team building.

Simple Poll

A poll is one great way to hear team members’ opinions in a simple way without the need to answer directly with words.

With just a simple command of slash and “poll” (/poll), you can create a poll in no time at all.

Your colleagues can answer the poll and you can see the result in real-time.

What’s great about polls is that they’re so versatile in usage.

You can use it for fun and games or you can use it for team projects and management.


Donut is an integrated bot in Slack that focuses on matching team members to do small talks.

Virtually, it’s difficult to hold casual conversations like when you’re hanging out in a café during lunchtime.

But with Donut, you can interact with your team members without needing to reach out individually.

You can become buddies quickly with Donut and it’s perfect for team building.


Your team is stuck on something you don’t know?

Niles is a great automated bot that can answer all your questions.

This bot can save you from miscommunication and potential internal conflict between team members from dividing answers.


Trivia offers an engaging trivia quiz for your team for straightforward team bonding.

If your team needs a little break, you can use the Trivia app integrated on Slack to unwind.


Greetbot as its name suggests is a greeting bot.

It’s perfect to use when you’re welcoming new members to your team in Slack.

It can greet new team members by providing her resources and contact information, so they can adapt easier to your team.


File:Trello logo.svg - Wikipedia

Trello is an online collaboration tool that’s intuitive in its usage.

With a remote team, you can find it harder to collaborate with your colleagues. But Trello provides you with a solution.

With an interface that’s visually interesting and easy-on-the-eyes, Trello’s workspace can make lists to divide stages of your team projects.

In those lists, you can add as many cards (cards can be small tasks or one whole big project) as you want into the list. You can also assign team members who’ll be working on the cards.

When you’re done at one stage, you can just drag and drop the cards onto the next list.

This makes your project management so much easier.

With just notes or communication, it can be hard to keep track of your tasks and there’s the problem of communication.

That can make your team building not so smooth on the way. But with Trello, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes and miscommunication. It’s a perfect tool for your project management to build your remote team.



Bambee is a platform that can work with you and consult you with a dedicated HR manager. The HR manager then can support you to revise and build great internal HR policies.

When you’re confused about how to guide new employees and don’t have the hands, you can use Bambee for that. It offers employer coaching and guidance available through phone, email, and chat.

You can also consult on how to onboard, terminate, and the financial needs your employees need.

With a reasonable price plan, employees in the team and your company can voice their opinion if they’re dissatisfied.

This way, you’ll avoid conflict between team members and evokes transparency between coworkers.

Virtual team building has many problems of communication difficulties, so to build your team, you’d want the solution for HR first.



Officevibe is a platform for your team members to engage and build connections.

Every week, Officevibe sends pulse surveys to the employees to fill out.

The survey results are divided into 10 key metrics for the employers and managers to see easily.

What’s great about Officevibe is that employees can be anonymous while sending their feedback.

This allows them to be more honest about their opinion without any reservations.

You can also use simple polls and feedback messaging.

Polls can rate your employees’ performance without any personal feelings and can give necessary constructive criticism.

Feedback messaging is a one-on-one messaging feature in Officevibe for employees to consult and talk directly to the manager with the option of staying anonymous as well.

Although anonymous, the results of the survey can be shared with the employees.

This makes a room for further discussion and engagement among employees while at the same time, building their trust in each other.

Google Drive

Cloud Storage for Work and Home – Google Drive

Data storage is important for every company because people will access it whenever they need something from it. A great solution to share and store data for your company is Google Drive.

It is a cloud-based storage system that has both a free plan and a premium plan based on the storage size that your company needs. What’s great about Google Drive aside from its great security is that it offers more than just one storage system.

You can quickly organize, add, and view documents (outside and inside your personal drive) in just one click or just one drag-and-drop.

Google Drive supports any file and you can easily share your folders/files with a link or by entering an email address.

You can even allow the folders to only be viewed, or commented and edited by the people you share with if you need different stages of access for different people.

Google Drive also has great compatibility with many apps that you can use: Microsoft Office, Pixlr Editor, WeVideo, and others.

If you want a complete storage system that has a straightforward interface with no hassle for your team building, Google Drive is the solution for you.


And those are 6 tools that you can use for team building during working from home.

Note that there are actually other great tools out there for team bonding and increasing your team’s efficiency. These are just some that we want to introduce to you.

With engagement through games and interactive platforms, you can easily socialize with your team members. By engaging, your teamwork is sure to increase, making your team bond stronger and your performance quality top-notch.

Hopefully, with this, you can use these tools effectively when you’re with new members or new employees in your company.

And if you’d like to recruit new employees to your company, you can do so at our career platform: 9cv9.

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