10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for 2021

Expense tracker app is changing budgeting, why is that?

People have been doing budgeting from way back then.

You might’ve seen or even write accounting books that lists out all your expense and income. In there, you wrote your finance manually one by one.

But when calculating the expense one by one, some troubles would eventually come up. For example, there’d be at least one mistake that results in off number of totals.

Tracking down the wrong numbers can take you a pretty long time and you need to calculate again from the start.

There’s also the issue of forgetting the details of your expense if you don’t remember carefully since you can’t bring your accounting book everywhere.

Now that we are in a modern era, budgeting has never been so easy. You don’t have to write and calculate everything manually.

This is because as demands come, there are many budgeting apps that can track your expense easily. Expense tracker app is now available on mobile device and can be installed simply with one click from the app store.

Of course, there are many options that you can find in the store, but what suits your needs? Which one’s the best for you?

Read more below to find out 10 best expense tracker apps:

  1. Mint
  2. Expensify
  3. You Need a Budget (YNAB)
  4. QuickBooks Online
  5. Personal Capital
  6. Goodbudget
  7. Mvelopes
  8. Simplifi
  9. Zeta
  10. Honeydue

1. Mint

mint expense tracker app

Mint is a free finance app available on both Android and iOS.

It offers to join all your bank accounts into one platform so you can manage all your income and expense in one place.

You can also categorize your bills and subscriptions (complete with the date reminder of when it’s due).

This way, you can track how much you spend on your subscriptions and remember when to pay your bills. You can also categorize and customize your spending in different categories so you’ll know the limit of your spending.

Another great thing about Mint is that it can actually shapes your spending habits to be better.

This expense tracker app can help you focus on saving and improving your credit score with the goal tracker. With a secure network, Mint guarantees to be a safe but powerful expense tracker app.

2. Expensify

expensify expense tracker app

Expense is a free expense tracker app available on both Android and iOS, and can even be opened on web.

It offers many accounting features all in one app like tracking expense, paying bills, creating invoices, collecting payments, trip budget planner, and credit card management.

For both business and personal use, Expensify offers features such as importing your credit card, scanning receipts, customizing regulation for expense, tracking your taxes, audit your budget reports, and many more.

You can even create Expensify credit card called Expensify Card which makes the app usage easier. With Expensify Card, you can save up to 50% on your bills, easily book trips-related services, and easily set your credit card limit for you or your employees.

3. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB you need a budget

YNAB is a paid app that you can use the web that is available on iOS, Android, and can even be opened on Alexa.

With a monthly plan that costs $11.99, you can learn the method of budgeting with the Four Rules in YNAB.

You can also use it for your personal use with your partner. When your partner or you spends on something, you can see it on real-time. This way, you and your partner can oversee each other to not make a not-so-great purchase.

YNAB also helps you with its goal tracking feature. With this, you can set your goal easily for your future plan.

Not just as an expense tracker app, YNAB acts as an expense report app too. So on every week or month or year, you’ll be able to see detailed charts and graphs to visualize your progress better.

4. QuickBooks Online

quickbooks online

QuickBooks Online is an online subscription-based app that works on web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

Starting at $8 per month, QuickBooks is an accounting app that does it all for you. If you have an experience with accounting before, you can manage multiple finances without opening many spreadsheets.

The basic plan comes with features such as: tracking income and expenses, invoice and accept payment, tracking tax, expense reports, organize receipts, and many more.

Quickbooks Online offers you a wide variety of 40 tag groups that you can use to categorize your expense.

It can also act as an expense tracker app by importing your transactions from your bank, credit cards, Paypal, and other payment outlets.

This app is great for business use because you can even customize professional invoices optimized on every device.

5. Personal Capital

Personal capital expense tracker app

Personal Capital is an expense tracker app available on App Store and Google Play that also functions as an investment app.

As an expense tracker, it can manage all your accounts in one platform so you can view all your transactions in one place.

There are also other features such as customizing your categories tag, detailing your spending, budget limiting, and many more.

Personal Capital can also help planning your future not just with a goal tracker. It offers financial tools such as net worth graph so you can manage your investment and/or debt better.

It also has a similar goal tracker but more focused on investment, which is its savings planner. With a simple graph, you can immediately how much you need to save for your retirement plan.

6. Goodbudget

goodbudget budgeting app

Goodbudget is an expense tracker app available on iPhone and Android that is a great virtual budget tracker.

It offers a free plan and a subscription plan that starts at $7 per month.

With its envelope method, Goodbudget categorize your spending in envelopes so it feels like you’re really spending money from your pockets.

You can also save money using Goodbudget’s envelopes. If you want to do budgeting with your significant other, you can do that on Goodbudget. It details all you and your partner’s spending and immediately deduct your money from the envelopes in real-time.

You can also save money for a long-term plan like planning a trip or paying off debt with Goodbudget’s nifty features.

7. Mvelopes


Mvelops is a classic expense tracker app that is available on both iOS and Android. It can receive all your transactions and balances in its app, making it easier for you to plan your budget.

As its name suggests, Mvelops uses the envelope method that dates way back before the Great Depression.

With it, you can set aside money according to your spending categories. So you’ll spend less and won’t have to worry about paying essential bills like utilities and groceries.

After putting your transactions via inbox, you can assign your transactions to the categories in its platform.

If you also want to shape your spending habits even more, Mvelops also offers saving tips, ebooks, and videos at its learning center in the app.

8. Simplifi

simplifi expense tracker app

Simplifi is a subscription-based expense tracker app that costs $2,99 per month, available on Android and iOS.

It has a simple aim: to keep a track of your spending and your goals. It has a simple interface that lets you quickly see your banking accounts, credit card, loans, and investments all in one place.

You can even see upcoming bills that you should pay so you can calculate how much you’ll spend later.

Simplifi is also a great expense management because it can monitor every spending, setting up custom watchlists, and categorizing your spending from payment method or tags.

Simplifi, like its name, strives to simplify your budgeting experience by effortlessly setting up your spending and savings goals.

9. Zeta

zeta money manager

Zeta (or Zeta Money Manager) is a free expense tracker app available on Google Play and App Store.

It promotes itself as an expense management app for couples so you and your partner can share your income and expenses together.

Zeta offers Zeta Joint Cards that you can easily set up with no account fees so you can simplify the experience of having a shared bank account.

You can use Zeta as an expense tracker app for couples with features such as bills reminder, goal tracker, and an in-app communication so you’ll strive in finance without any miscommunication with your partner.

10. Honeydue

honeydue budgeting app

Honeydue is another free expense tracker app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS. It’s also intended as a finance tracker for couples.

What makes it easy for couples to use Honeydue is that you can collaborate with your couples about big or small occasions that need a budget plan.

It’s easy to use Honeydue for one individual or for a joint expense tracker app.

Honeydue offers a joint bank account so you and your partner can save and spend responsibly in one account.

Other features that it offers are bill reminders, chat message, accounts tracking from bank accounts to loans and investment. Honeydue can even be used globally as it supports 20,000 financial institutions in 5 countries.

And that’s 10 best expense tracker apps that are available for you to use. They’re all great and can be for personal use, usage with partner, or for your business.

With these apps, you’ll surely be able to manage a better finance without all the worries and complications. You can even have fun while tracking your expense and achieving accomplishments for yourself.

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