Top 6 Accounts Receivable Software To Manage Your A/R Well

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced Efficiency with Automation: Discover how the top 6 accounts receivable software options revolutionize A/R management, automating key processes to boost efficiency and reduce manual workload.
  • Strategic Cash Flow Optimization: Learn how these software solutions offer strategic insights and predictive analytics, empowering businesses to optimize cash flow, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and enhance overall financial performance.
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Need: Explore the diverse features of the top 6 A/R software, catering to businesses of all sizes and industries. From seamless integration to customizable workflows, find the perfect fit for your organization’s unique requirements.

In the intricate world of finance and business operations, effective management of accounts receivable (A/R) is an indispensable aspect for sustained success.

As businesses continue to evolve, the need for streamlined invoicing, improved cash flow, and enhanced communication with clients becomes more pronounced than ever.

In this dynamic landscape, embracing cutting-edge technology in the form of accounts receivable software emerges as a strategic move for businesses seeking to fortify their financial foundations.

Top 6 Accounts Receivable Software To Manage Your A/R Well
Top 6 Accounts Receivable Software To Manage Your A/R Well

This comprehensive guide is designed to be your compass in the realm of A/R management, unveiling the top 6 accounts receivable software solutions meticulously curated to empower businesses in navigating the complex terrain of financial transactions.

Whether you’re a seasoned finance professional or a budding entrepreneur, understanding the pivotal role of accounts receivable software and choosing the right one can be the game-changer your organization needs.

Why is A/R Management Crucial?

Before delving into the intricacies of the top 6 accounts receivable software, let’s decipher why A/R management holds the key to sustainable financial health.

At its core, accounts receivable encompasses the outstanding payments that a business is yet to receive from its customers or clients.

Effectively managing this aspect is akin to maintaining the lifeblood of your business, ensuring a steady cash flow that fuels day-to-day operations, sustains growth initiatives, and fortifies the overall financial stability.

Picture this: timely invoicing, accurate tracking of payments, and efficient communication with clients.

Now, envision a seamless process where human errors are minimized, and your team has real-time insights into the financial pulse of your business.

This is the promise that accounts receivable software brings to the table.

The Evolution of A/R Management through Technology

Gone are the days of manual and time-consuming A/R management processes.

With the rapid advancements in technology, businesses now have the opportunity to leverage sophisticated accounts receivable software solutions that not only automate mundane tasks but also provide invaluable insights to steer financial strategies in the right direction.

In a landscape where every penny counts, precision and efficiency become paramount.

A/R software acts as a financial ally, enabling businesses to reclaim control over their receivables, reduce human errors, and establish a robust foundation for sustainable growth.

Navigating the Sea of Choices: Why Choose the Right Software Matters

As the demand for A/R solutions surges, the market responds with a myriad of options, each promising unparalleled features and benefits.

However, not all accounts receivable software is created equal. The success of your A/R management strategy hinges on selecting the right software that aligns with the unique needs and goals of your business.

In the upcoming sections, we will not only unveil the top 6 accounts receivable software solutions but also guide you through the essential criteria for making an informed decision.

From user-friendly interfaces and integration capabilities to security features and scalability, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your chosen software becomes a seamless extension of your business operations.

Join us on this insightful journey as we explore the dynamic landscape of accounts receivable software, empowering you to make informed choices that elevate your A/R management to unprecedented heights.

Let’s embark on a transformative exploration of the top 6 accounts receivable software solutions – your key to managing your A/R effectively and propelling your business toward financial success.

Top 6 Accounts Receivable Software To Manage Your A/R Well

  1. Eleven
  2. BlackLine
  3. Netsuite
  4. BILL
  5. Billtrust
  6. Tesorio

1. Eleven


In catering to the unique demands of small and medium-sized accounting firms, Eleven stands out as a revolutionary tool, specifically tailored to optimize the intricate landscape of accounts receivable (A/R) management.

This cutting-edge cloud accounting application transcends the conventional limitations, liberating accounting professionals from manual processes and dependence on Excel, with a singular focus on enhancing A/R efficiency.

Designed with the precise needs of accounting firms in mind, Eleven redefines A/R management by offering a seamless process for handling books for an unlimited number of clients.

Dispelling the need for constant log in/log out procedures, Eleven takes charge of core accounting functions, including an advanced general ledger, efficient journal entries, meticulous A/R and A/P management, insightful reporting, streamlined bank feeds, precise reconciliations, and comprehensive document management.

The true power of Eleven surfaces in its ability to automate the entirety of A/R tasks, extending its prowess even to clients entrenched in low-volume Excel practices, all while significantly reducing operational costs.

Operating on a pay-per-accountant pricing model, Eleven eliminates the complexities associated with individual company subscriptions, empowering accounting professionals to adopt an all-encompassing A/R approach without hindrance.

Noteworthy within Eleven’s A/R-centric features is the enterprise-level general ledger, devoid of transaction limits, ensuring accountants across all plans have the flexibility to manage A/R processes seamlessly.

Its robust multi-currency support empowers accountants to select currencies at the line level in each A/R transaction, providing unparalleled adaptability.

Additionally, Eleven extends comprehensive support for monetary accounts, offering insightful reporting on profit and loss or balance sheet metrics.

The software’s flexibility also extends to foreign exchange rates, allowing manual entry or automated retrieval through Eleven’s integrated rate-fetching capabilities, with automated management of currency revaluations.

A standout attribute lies in Eleven’s multi-company interface, streamlining the A/R management process for an unlimited number of entities within a single application.

This feature transcends concerns related to entity size or transaction volumes, providing accounting professionals with a unified platform for holistic A/R management.

The real-time data synchronization feature of Eleven elevates its utility for A/R professionals, facilitating the generation of customized reports and dashboards reflecting the most current A/R insights.

This real-time functionality fosters informed decision-making, ensuring accounting professionals stay ahead in managing the dynamic landscape of A/R.

In conclusion, Eleven emerges as an advanced solution for accounting firms seeking to revolutionize their A/R practices.

2. BlackLine


In the realm of financial management, BlackLine stands as a technological vanguard, revolutionizing the intricate processes integral to the periodic closing of books.

Going beyond mere close and reconciliation management, this sophisticated tool extends its capabilities to enhance the overall control and management of financial processes throughout the accounting cycle.

Among its arsenal of features, BlackLine boasts a particularly potent capability in the realm of Accounts Receivable (A/R) Automation, providing a transformative solution for businesses seeking to optimize their invoice-to-cash cycle performance.

This advanced system not only streamlines A/R processes but also creates valuable team capacity, empowering businesses with critical decision intelligence to drive enhanced value across their financial spectrum.

Unlocking the Potential of Accounts Receivable Automation:

Optimizing the Invoice-to-Cash Cycle: BlackLine’s A/R Automation feature serves as a catalyst for businesses aiming to release cash from customers through the implementation of next-generation intelligent automation.

By driving world-class invoice-to-cash processes, businesses can significantly optimize working capital, thereby contributing to the foundational success of any enterprise.

Features That Redefine A/R Efficiency: The platform offers a suite of features designed to elevate A/R processes. Businesses can anticipate an improvement in overall productivity and a substantial reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO) by prioritizing actions that yield the highest impact.

The optimization of business performance becomes a reality as working capital and cash availability witness a marked increase.

Enhancing Team Capacity and Efficiency: BlackLine goes a step further in maximizing A/R team capacity and efficiency.

By eradicating manual and error-prone processes, the platform not only improves productivity and morale but also instills a heightened sense of control.

The visibility and measurement of all parts of the A/R process are achieved while adhering to global standardization.

Intelligence-Driven Decisions: A unique facet of BlackLine lies in its ability to elevate A/R intelligence through data-driven decisions.

Real-time access to decision intelligence derived from operational data empowers collections and risk teams, team leaders, and global process owners.

This data-driven approach becomes the driving force behind informed decision-making, ultimately shaping outcomes.

Strengthening Customer and Business Relationships: Beyond the realm of financial transactions, BlackLine envisions improving customer relationships through enhanced communication and operational excellence. The platform positions businesses as superior partners with strategic and operational intelligence crucial for sales, operations, and treasury departments.

In the expansive landscape of financial technology, BlackLine emerges not just as a tool but as a strategic ally for businesses aspiring to elevate their A/R management to unprecedented heights.

From optimizing the invoice-to-cash cycle to enhancing team efficiency and fostering data-driven decisions, BlackLine proves to be an indispensable asset in the pursuit of financial excellence.

As a third-party observer, it is apparent that BlackLine’s A/R Automation is not merely a feature; it is a transformative force, reshaping the dynamics of financial management for businesses poised for success.

3. Netsuite


In the intricate realm of financial management, NetSuite’s Accounts Receivable (AR) module stands as a sophisticated solution, empowering businesses with the agility to effortlessly generate and dispatch invoices, delineate credit terms, and adeptly manage collections.

The pivotal outcome?

Enhanced liquidity, enabling businesses to fuel growth initiatives, curtail the credit-to-cash cycle, and capitalize swiftly on emerging investment opportunities.

NetSuite AR doesn’t merely streamline processes; it becomes the catalyst for financial prowess, providing real-time visibility into the entire AR lifecycle.

Finance teams wield the power to scrutinize receivables status comprehensively, from a macro perspective down to the granular details of each customer and invoice.

The NetSuite Advantage in Accounts Receivable:

Real-Time Visibility for Informed Decisions: NetSuite’s AR module goes beyond transactional efficiency; it’s about real-time insight.

By seamlessly integrating into an all-encompassing system that includes ERP, financials, commerce, inventory management, HR, PSA, supply chain management, CRM, and more, NetSuite transforms the way businesses operate.

This integration empowers finance teams to work more effectively, automating core processes and offering real-time insights into both operational and financial performance.

Holistic Business Management with NetSuite: NetSuite, often dubbed an all-in-one cloud business management solution, caters to the diverse needs of over 37,000 organizations worldwide.

From accounting and order processing to inventory management, production, and supply chain and warehouse operations, NetSuite presents a unified suite of applications.

This cohesive approach grants businesses clear visibility into their data and unbridled control over their operations.

Unveiling NetSuite:

An All-in-One Cloud Business Management Solution: NetSuite isn’t just software; it’s a paradigm shift in how businesses manage their operations.

With over 37,000 organizations benefitting globally, NetSuite is an all-encompassing cloud solution that facilitates efficient business operations by automating core processes.

The suite offers real-time visibility, ensuring organizations are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of modern business landscapes.

Adaptability for Diverse Business Stages: NetSuite is the go-to choice for businesses at every stage of their journey, boasting versatility and scalability.

It accommodates the financial management needs of rapidly growing companies, irrespective of size or industry.

Whether you are a start-up, on the trajectory to IPO, or embarking on global expansion, NetSuite seamlessly supports and scales alongside your business.

NetSuite’s Accounts Receivable module emerges not just as a feature but as a strategic asset in the financial toolkit of businesses.

From optimizing liquidity to providing real-time insights, NetSuite AR is an indispensable tool that aligns seamlessly with NetSuite’s broader suite of applications.

As a third-party observer, it is evident that NetSuite is more than a business solution; it’s a transformative force that empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of financial management with precision and adaptability.



BILL stands as a preeminent financial operations platform, specifically designed to cater to the needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

Positioned as a stalwart advocate for SMBs, BILL propels the future of finance through innovative automation, fostering an environment where businesses not only survive but thrive.

The platform’s integrated suite empowers businesses to assert efficient control over their payables, receivables, and spend and expense management, making it an indispensable tool for financial success.

Empowering Businesses with Financial Control:

Integrated Financial Operations: At the heart of BILL’s prowess is its ability to seamlessly integrate various financial functions into a cohesive platform.

From payables and receivables to spend and expense management, BILL’s comprehensive approach provides businesses with the means to navigate the intricate landscape of financial operations.

Member Network for Swift Transactions: BILL’s proprietary member network, comprising millions of participants, serves as a catalyst for expediting transactions. Businesses leveraging BILL can expect to pay or receive payments at an accelerated pace, contributing to increased financial agility.

In-Depth Look at Billing Features:

Professional Invoice Creation: BILL goes beyond standard invoicing by offering a feature-rich template selection that aligns with a brand’s identity and service.

Users can customize invoice fields and effortlessly reuse templates for recurring transactions. The automatic unique numbering system simplifies invoice tracking.

Flexible Invoice Sending: Recognizing the diverse communication needs of businesses, BILL allows invoices to be sent via email or, if preferred, through traditional mail services.

The flexibility extends to scheduling the sending of invoices, enabling businesses to streamline their communication processes.

Efficient Tracking and Follow-Up: Tracking the status of invoices is made intuitive through BILL’s system, providing real-time insights into when an invoice is sent.

Businesses can filter invoices by status for quick access to receivables information, and automated reminders ensure timely follow-ups with customers.

Accelerated Payments: BILL is not just a platform for generating invoices; it’s a catalyst for expedited payments.

The platform enables businesses to receive payments directly in their bank accounts through ACH or credit card transactions.

Manual input for payments made outside BILL ensures an updated balance, while features like auto-charge and auto-pay put account receivables on autopilot.

Seamless Syncing for Operational Harmony: BILL doesn’t operate in isolation; it seamlessly syncs with leading accounting software and other financial process tools.

This bidirectional syncing not only reduces manual entry but also accelerates account reconciliation. Whether you prefer automatic syncing or manual control, BILL adapts to your workflow.

In conclusion, BILL emerges not just as a financial platform but as a strategic partner for SMBs, revolutionizing financial operations with a focus on efficiency, control, and adaptability.

The platform’s commitment to automating essential financial processes makes it an invaluable asset for businesses aspiring to elevate their financial management practices.

As a third-party observer, it is evident that BILL is more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for financial empowerment, steering businesses towards a future where financial success is not just achievable but sustainable.

5. Billtrust


Billtrust stands as a distinguished leader in the realm of cloud-based software and integrated payment processing solutions, spearheading the simplification and automation of B2B commerce.

Recognizing the inherent challenges in the conventional processes governing accounts receivable (AR) – processes often deemed outdated, inefficient, manual, and paper-based – Billtrust emerges as a trailblazer, driving the digital transformation of AR with its mission-critical solutions.

Revolutionizing AR with Billtrust:

End-to-End Automation: At the core of Billtrust’s offerings lies a commitment to transforming AR processes comprehensively.

Unlike conventional approaches that only automate certain aspects of order-to-cash operations, Billtrust advocates for a unified system.

By seamlessly integrating credit decisioning and monitoring, online ordering, invoice delivery, payments and remittance capture, invoicing, cash application, and collections, Billtrust’s suite of AR solutions presents a holistic solution for businesses seeking operational excellence.

Empowering Data for Financial Advancement: In a landscape where businesses are consistently exploring avenues to enhance control over order-to-cash operations, Billtrust’s end-to-end AR solutions serve as a catalyst for empowering data.

The objective is not merely automation but unification, where data becomes a strategic asset, boosting the bottom line and propelling financial functions forward.

Seamless Integration for Operational Efficiency: Picture an AR system that seamlessly integrates invoicing, payment processing, cash application, and collections – a cohesive solution that not only automates but also provides insightful analytics into cash flow.

This integration is not just a technological advancement but a strategic move to bring efficiency and clarity to the multifaceted world of B2B transactions.

Accelerating the Order-to-Cash Cycle: Billtrust’s suite of AR solutions is designed to address the evolving preferences of customers in terms of invoicing and digital payments.

By accelerating the order-to-cash cycle, businesses on both sides of the B2B transaction stand to benefit. It’s a paradigm shift where efficiency translates into mutual advantages.

Unlocking the Potential with Billtrust Services:

Tailored Professional Services: Beyond providing cutting-edge technology, Billtrust offers customized, professional, and technical services that act as accelerators for the Return on Investment (ROI) on the new AR technology.

Expert implementation, comprehensive training, managed solutions, and ongoing support are integral components of Billtrust Services, ensuring that businesses harness the full potential of the AR suite.

Strategic Support for AR Teams: The level of expertise embedded in Billtrust Services extends strategic support to AR teams, aligning with the broader goals of the company.

This goes beyond mere technology implementation; it’s a commitment to nurturing and empowering the teams responsible for managing critical AR functions.

In summary, Billtrust emerges not just as a provider of AR solutions but as a strategic partner for businesses navigating the complexities of B2B commerce.

From comprehensive automation to strategic support, Billtrust’s offerings position businesses to not only adapt to the digital transformation of AR but to thrive in an environment where efficiency, unification, and strategic insights define the future of financial operations.

As a third-party observer, it is evident that Billtrust’s impact extends beyond technology; it’s a driving force propelling businesses towards financial excellence.

6. Tesorio


Tesorio emerges as a transformative force in the realm of connected finance, redefining how businesses collaborate and flourish.

At its core, Tesorio’s Cash Flow Performance Platform transcends traditional cash flow forecasting and collections processes, replacing them with dynamic, real-time predictions and actionable insights driven by behavioral trends.

The platform’s impact on businesses is tangible, offering a glimpse into potential transformations through its ROI calculator.

Empowering Accounts Receivable with Tesorio:

Tapping into AR Efficiency: Tesorio’s Accounts Receivable product serves as a beacon of empowerment for Finance, Sales, and Customer Success teams alike.

By automating key processes and offering invaluable insights into optimal collection strategies, Tesorio enables businesses to accelerate cash inflow.

The platform’s seamless integration with ERP systems ensures prompt and informed follow-ups on every invoice, freeing up valuable resources to focus on strategic accounts with the greatest impact on cash flow.

Unlocking Key Benefits: Businesses leveraging Tesorio’s AR solutions witness a myriad of benefits, including a reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO), a remarkable 3x improvement in collections team efficiency, a 75% decrease in time spent on low-value dunning activities, and an impressive 4x increase in customer-base reached.

These outcomes underscore Tesorio’s transformative impact on AR operations, positioning businesses for enhanced financial agility and growth.

The Tesorio Advantage:

Streamlined AR Workflow: Tesorio streamlines AR processes through smart workflow tools, predictive pay date insights, and automated collections forecasting.

Powered by advanced data analytics and machine learning, Tesorio offers a seamless experience that optimizes cash flow management.

AR Data Aggregation: Bid farewell to cumbersome manual processes with Tesorio’s AR data aggregation capabilities.

The platform unifies cash data from disparate systems, including ERPs, into a single, intuitive platform, eliminating the need for tedious spreadsheets and manual data manipulation.

Automated Dunning: Personalized email templates and automated triggers ensure timely communication with customers, minimizing delays in collections.

Tesorio’s segmentation capabilities enable businesses to tailor their approach based on various parameters, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Invoice Prediction: Harnessing the power of machine learning, Tesorio analyzes historical behaviors to generate per-customer predictive models, offering insights into payment patterns.

Furthermore, Tesorio’s flexibility allows users to adjust predicted dates effortlessly, ensuring alignment with evolving business needs.

Collaborative Workspaces: Tesorio fosters seamless collaboration and information sharing among teams through customizable workspaces.

Siloed communication and lost information become relics of the past, as Tesorio provides a centralized hub for collaboration and data aggregation.

Key Features:

  • Collaborative Workspaces: Facilitate seamless team collaboration and data aggregation.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Access dedicated experts for prompt issue resolution.
  • Intuitive Interfaces: Ensure ease of use for enhanced user experience.
  • Aggregated Data: Collect and normalize forecast inputs across all systems.
  • Long-term Optimization: Balance immediate cash control with long-term objectives.
  • ERP & Bank Integrations: Seamlessly connect to financial systems of record for enhanced efficiency.

In summary, Tesorio transcends traditional AR management with its innovative solutions, empowering businesses to optimize cash flow, enhance efficiency, and foster growth.

As a third-party observer, it is evident that Tesorio’s impact extends beyond mere software; it’s a strategic enabler of financial transformation, propelling businesses towards a future of connected finance and sustainable success.


In conclusion, selecting the right accounts receivable (A/R) software is a pivotal decision for businesses seeking to streamline their financial operations and enhance cash flow management.

With an array of innovative solutions available in today’s market, it’s crucial to weigh the unique features and capabilities offered by each platform to determine the best fit for your organization.

From comprehensive automation to predictive analytics and seamless integration with ERP systems, the top six A/R software options highlighted in this blog present diverse solutions to address the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Whether you prioritize efficiency, accuracy, or scalability, there’s a software solution tailored to meet your requirements and propel your A/R processes to new heights of success.

Investing in the right A/R software can yield a myriad of benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries.

By automating key processes, optimizing collections strategies, and providing valuable insights into cash flow management, these software solutions empower finance teams to operate with agility and precision in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Furthermore, the impact of choosing the right A/R software extends beyond operational efficiency.

It can directly contribute to improved financial performance, reduced days sales outstanding (DSO), enhanced customer relationships, and increased profitability.

With the ability to tailor workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and gain real-time visibility into receivables, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

In today’s competitive business environment, staying ahead requires leveraging the latest technologies and tools to optimize every aspect of operations, including A/R management.

By incorporating one of the top A/R software options into your financial toolkit, you can position your business for long-term success and ensure that your A/R processes are managed with efficiency, accuracy, and strategic foresight.

In summary, the journey to effective A/R management begins with selecting the right software solution for your organization’s unique needs.

By exploring the top six A/R software options highlighted in this blog and carefully evaluating their features, benefits, and capabilities, you can make an informed decision that propels your business towards financial excellence and success in the years to come.

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What is the best accounts receivable software?

The best accounts receivable software varies based on specific business needs and preferences. Some top options include, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho Books, and Sage Intacct, each offering unique features for efficient A/R management.

What are the software applications used for accounts receivable?

Software applications commonly used for accounts receivable include, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho Books, and Sage Intacct. These platforms streamline invoicing, automate collections, and provide insights to enhance overall A/R management efficiency.

Does QuickBooks do accounts receivable?

Yes, QuickBooks provides robust accounts receivable functionality. It allows users to create and send professional invoices, track customer payments, manage outstanding balances, and generate reports for comprehensive insights into receivables.

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