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Running a business needs huge sacrifice – Winanjaya Amijoyo, Co-Founder of PT. Prime Digital Informindo


Welcome to another Installment of Career Warrior. Here, we will feature interviews with outstanding entrepreneurs to share with you their stories and career advice.

On this topic, we are featuring Winanjaya Amijoyo from PT. Prime Digital Informindo Indonesia.

About PT. Prime Digital Informindo

PT. Digital Informindoss

PT. Prime Digital Informindo is an IT service company. They focus on providing the best Information Technology Product and Outsource Management Consulting Services to support other businesses. The Company work with users to formulate and document business requirements and goals. They provide out-of-the-box and best practice solutions to fit business operations, digitalization & automation.

About Winanjaya Amijoyo

I am easy going, hard worker, and out of the box thinker. I always try to combine my God-given skills and experiences. Let God do the rest to give my best to everyone.

Winanjaya Amijoyo, (Winan for short) is the Co-Founder and the CEO of PT. Prime Digital Informindo. He is an IT Executive with more than 20 years of IT development and technical leadership experience. Winan has a proven track record in designing, analyzing, developing, implementing, and integrating enterprise-class scalable software solutions.

He started his career as a Senior Developer in Management and Computer Consultants. Before being the CTO of PT Malacca Trust Insurance, and CEO and CTO of PT Primatama Teknologi Solusindo (2017 – 2020).

Can you describe your daily life?

On a typical day, I conduct strategic coordination internally such as discussing technical matters (technical meetings), finances, negotiating with clients, technical meetings with external (3rd party), and clients. Sometimes I also go into technical work (if needed).

Who are some of your big clients?

I have been in the IT world since 1989, for me, no client is a bigger one. All of my clients are the same because we needed them too. The challenges are also different. It’s just that I’m more satisfied if they are satisfied with what we can provide. They are all big, and they are all who raised me and my company. You can check them on our website here.

How did you get them to become your client?

I prefer to get a client from a client because then I can measure the satisfaction of the client who referred us to the client. I’m not saying that I do not need marketing, marketing is still needed to find new clients or what I usually call as “New Business” and monitoring old clients and I think this is what marketing friends should do.

What has been your greatest success in your career and why?

Same as mentioned before, no achievement is the bigger one. All of that is the result of teamwork. For me, maybe this is normal because I am a person who is never satisfied with what I have done. Not because I am not grateful, but indeed I always demand improvement on an output.

What are some difficult moments/challenges in running this company/business?

Currently (This outbreak) is the most difficult moment in my life.

What is your favorite career/business failure (and what did you learn from it)?

Same as always, no failure is the worst and/or my favorite. Everybody has had some bad and good experiences in their life. For me, I treat all of them to improve what I have now for my future.

Who has had the biggest influence and motivation on your career?

It has always been God and Family, namely my wife and two children. It is for their support and prayers that I can be who i am today.

What is the biggest sacrifice you have to make to start your business?

The most expensive sacrifices that I had to make were time, with my family for example. As much as possible I always set this (my business) aside for my needs to relax and refresh (for example weekends, school holidays, Christmas, etc). I also spend some family time every day after work.

Lastly, what are some interview tips you would give to prospective candidates coming for your interview?

Tough and endurance are required at the moment. I will give them a challenge, I don’t care about the result. What I want to see is how long they will take the challenge. Sometimes I also want to know how the process.

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