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Tips and Techniques to Ace Your Phone Interview for 2021


As the world is being impacted by the coronavirus, everything began to be conducted remotely. People start to utilize technology to its maximum potential. It also impacted the HR world. Hiring managers across all countries started to utilize a phone interview as a substitute for face-to-face interviews.

Now you might wonder…

What is a Phone Interview?

A phone interview is another and most recent adaptation of recruiting or screening on people.

Individuals generally overlooked the way that a phone interview is having a similar significance as meeting your manager personally.

A phone interview is contrasted with a real meeting. Phone interview is better. It projects out the hour of the gathering and sitting tight for the meeting. A phone interview, notwithstanding, gives some advantage to both the interviewer and the interviewee.

A phone interview spares a ton of time for the interviewer and the interviewee has the advantage to zero in just on giving the meeting because there is no need to rely on body language while communicating with your interviewer on the phone.

In this article, we will examine the tips and techniques for the interviewee to perform well in his/her phone interview.

Why Is Phone Interview Necessary in Covid-19 Period?

Phone interviews have increasingly been considered essential because it saves a lot of time for the employer to recruit people for a suitable task. Moreover, as in 2020, the whole world encountered coronavirus. Due to this, companies all around the world implemented work from home policy, which also leads the employees to go for phone interviews.

In such unprecedented times, recruiters have learned a new way of working and using a skill that is considered vital for the future. Hiring and firing, customer services, sales, and a lot of digital work have been made through an online platform, which also showed that the cost of building offices would no longer be necessary for the future.

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Tips and Techniques to Nail Phone Interview:

As discussed before, people don’t usually consider the importance of a phone interview. But it also counts in the same way as the real interview does. Here are some of the tips and techniques for you to follow to have a productive interview with your employer:

Conduct Proper Research Before the Interview

Before going for a phone interview, it is highly recommended to do a lot of research about the type of job you are applying for. Research for the job to get how the company’s culture and the environment is. First of all, it is required to do a proper job understanding of the kind of job you are applying for and the technicalities that can be asked through the same job review.

After having the job knowledge, it is now time for the research on the company’s environment like, how they work, what they focus on, how they manage resources, and handling issues. Your extensive research will place a good impression on the employer and you may become a good match for the company.

While doing an interview over the phone, it is advised to have all the researched material near you. You will feel comfortable if you have helping material alongside that will help you giving prompt replies to the employers’ questions.

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Consider This as the Same Interview as Going on Meeting in Personal

You have to understand that this five minutes phone interview can lend you a job that can make you a rich guy. The phone interview, in this regard, will have great importance. The employer, on the other side of the phone call, will be looking over to how professionally you behave in giving an interview.

You will have to follow proper professional etiquettes, such as telling your name at the start of the phone call. Secondly, listen carefully to the interviewer and don’t miss any points or if you have any queries then note down all the queries on a piece of paper.

Don’t panic if you need some time to answer. Don’t worry, it’s a normal thing for everyone.

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Find a Place Where No One is There to Disturb You

Find a quiet and isolated place that is free from all kinds of distractions. Quite means locking your room and letting no one enter into your room until your interview is over. Make a schedule for the phone interview and do all the busy work before the phone interview.

This will let you only focus on your interview phone call. Along with scheduling, tell everyone not to disturb you or assign you any work before the phone interview.

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Give an Energetic Interview With an Excitement

The biggest mistake most people do while doing an interview is they usually sounded panicked while speaking.

This is what the interviewer acknowledges: To get selected, you need to be energetic, full of passion. For that, you have to work extra hard to show that you are enthusiastic about the specified role and show interest in meeting with them. You’re not going to get selected for the specified job if you are not doing any of the things above.

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Always Listen Carefully to Your Interviewer

It is highly advised to listen carefully to your interviewer while doing an interview. The interviewer might be looking over your seriousness about how much you consider the specific company to give you the job.

If you showed non-seriousness and ignored some of the essential points that have been said by your employer, the chance of not getting a job is higher.

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Before the Phone Interview, Thoroughly Look Over the Commonly Asked Questions

Tell me about yourself!

This is the most commonly asked question in interviews. The interviewer aims to know about your past experiences and your qualifications. The interviewee needs to do a little research about the job description of the job he/she applying for. Then, match them with their past experiences. The interviewee needs to master his/her resume before going for the interview.

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Do you have any knowledge regarding the company?

Before the interview, you need to spend the majority of your time researching the things which a particular company does. What they believe in? What are their values? How do they treat their employees? What are their products and services? What are their CSR programs?

You can find these pieces of information on the company’s website or through people who are working for that particular company. By having bits of knowledge about the company, it will increase your chance of getting the job you want.

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Follow-up after giving an interview

After the interview, make sure to ask for the email address of the interviewer. Immediately after the interview sent the email, thanking the interviewer, and reiterating your interest in the job. This will highly increase your chance to get the job you’ve been dreaming of. To find more about follow-up after the interview, check out Secret Tip: After the Interview.

Final Words

After the interview, also looks for self-evaluation by thinking about how you performed in the interview. This makes you better for future interviews. Good luck! 

Do let us know whether our tips and recommendations have been helpful. If you have other tips, do comment below in the comment box. We love to cheer with you when you pass your interview.

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